Our company has been a client of “Infinitum 8” for …. years. We have found a team of highly-motivated and results-oriented professionals who understand our needs across all online marketing areas.

“Infinitum 8” specialists offer an outstanding level of on-going support and are ready to help and advice and have our best interests in heart.  We truly love their proactive approach and we are absolutely confident that all our questions and problems will be researched and resolved in a very professional manner.

We are really happy with the service that has been provided so far, and we recommend “Infinitum 8” to any company looking for a first class level of online marketing services to push your business results to a new level.

Harijs Poikāns

Harijs PoikānsHead of marketing department - 4finance

Nordea bank has used “Infinitum 8” services for several years. They are professionals in their field and are always aware of the current events. “Infinitum 8” proactively come up with the ideas and proposals to improve the outcome. Entrusted tasks are completed within agreed timelines, and a detailed result analysis is developed afterwards.

Last but not least, important is the fact that the company’s staff are happily educating their customers in various issues of interest and are always ready to help with advice. We are actively participating in their seminars to learn the latest information, which is very important on a daily basis.

Toms Zālmanis

Toms ZālmanisHead of marketing - Nordea bank

We have been cooperating with Infinitum 8 since May, 2012. We greatly appreciate their professionalism, expertise and willingness to provide best-quality SEO, AdWords and Social Media services, as well as tailor-made original solutions on time. I believe that services delivered by Infinitum 8 make a positive contribution to sustainable development of our business.

Adam Randon

Adam RandonDirector of operations - Full Pocket Limited

It is a pleasure working with I8 as our preferred digital marketing agency at Tickmill. We have worked with multiple agencies in the past but I8 was the only agency that met our high expectations.

We were positively surprised by their attitude to work, their speed and accuracy in processing multiple requests at the same time and finally yet importantly, the continuous and proactive support we have received from I8.

We would recommend I8 without hesitation.

Olga Kikas

Olga KikasHead of marketing - Tickmill

We have significantly increased Google traffic by using services provided by “Infinitum 8”. We appreciate both the professional approach towards our cooperation and the contribution of the digital marketing improvement. Also, the obtained knowledge from I8 training sessions and conferences (iLive, Effective digital marketing optimization workshop etc.) is very useful and helpful in our daily work.

Mareks Zuika

Mareks ZuikaManaging director - SIA „Mobilukss” 1a.lv

Taking the leading positions in Europe’s online booking market and operating in more than 150 countries worldwide, it was very important for us to find an agency, that provides practical online marketing strategies and cost-effective, measurable and sustainable results, not just magical promises.

After working with “Infinitum 8” for 3 years, we are absolutely sure about our choice. “Infinitum 8” is an incredibly skilled team who took our AdWords campaigns to the next level in terms of achieving effective and measurable results, improving conversion rates, CTRs and overall performance. “Infinitum 8” AdWords team consists of professional and forward-thinking online marketing specialists who are ready not only to give you creative and innovative ideas, but also implement them giving you a competitive advantage over your competitors.

We appreciate the way “Infinitum 8” people are managing our AdWords campaigns and have our best interests in mind. Thank you for your obvious expertise, enthusiasm and dedication. We do recommend “Infinitum 8 specialists to all who want to grow their businesses in an affordable way and get great results. Keep up the great work!