How client survey improved Infinitum 8 development process

With this blog post, I want to start a tradition of keeping you up to date about our accomplishments. Maybe a little deeper about the issues that are not as visible to the public eye. This might be interesting to many – our potential employees, clients, competitors (we always welcome healthy competition) and others. The critical client survey In January 2015, we carried out our first client survey in order to understand what clients think of us and our work. We [...]

Remarketing is all about the segmentation

Even though most of the advertisers acknowledge the perks of using remarketing, I would say that it is still underrated. With the wide possibilities that remarketing offers, it is a shame that most of the times advertisers do not go deeper than using the list for all visitors – 30 days. It is highly important to understand that remarketing can not only attract additional conversions, but it is also one of the greatest ways how to improve the return of [...]

SEO-friendly mobile websites: your guide to going mobile

The mobile web is growing at a really fast pace and it’s no doubt that mobile marketing is becoming more important with each day. Taking into account that people can access internet via their mobile devices everywhere they go, you definitely don’t want to miss the opportunity of approaching your audience at the most appropriate time. However, it is not enough just to launch a mobile version of your site. You have to consider quite a few important factors [...]

Digital marketing goes nuts! Tips& tricks for Christmas sales 2014

Ohh, Christmas sales… It’s a time, when people do shopping to find that perfect gift for the loved ones. It’s a time, when the shopping stakes are comparable only to Mount Everest. And, yes, it’s not too late yet – from the last year’s experience, the hottest period in terms of sales for online shops is a week before Christmas. In 2013, the hottest shopping time was between 12-18th of December. This means that… Your finest hour is still [...]

6 Valuable Tips For Getting The Most From Google Analytics

What is Google Analytics? This paper will no doubt be found interesting by those, who have already got an insight into Google Analytics and are interested in discovering the whole point to improve the performance using Google Analytics. Here are 6 examples that deal with the most common issues which clients face using Google Analytics. So, what is Google Analytics? Google Analytics is the most widely-used web analysis tool. Setting up the Google Analytics tracking code for a website, you can [...]

SEO Predictions and Trends 2015

SEO is dead, not the practice, but the term. Long live the OSM! SEO (search engine optimisation) has now turned into OSM (Off-Site Marketing), and this means that a SEO-guy will have less chances of getting your business into TOP search engine results without the risk of being punished for manipulative practices. Just because he’s not a “do-everything” guy. Speaking in athletics terms, SEO, nowadays, has become a decathlon of many events that you need to do well to win a medal. [...]

Welcome to Infinitum 8

Welcome to Results-Oriented Digital Marketing Agency “Infinitum 8”! We are happy to announce the launch of our brand new website! It has been completely redesigned to improve your experience in finding your path to online marketing services! Let us kindly remind you who we are and what we do! “Infinitum 8” is a fast-growing full-scale online marketing agency proudly offering innovative business solutions founded on practical experience and professional competencies in the field of digital marketing. The key to “Infinitum 8” success is [...]